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This week’s challenge: homemade bread. I chose a simple recipe and plan to serve it with thin sliced roast beef in a red wine, mushroom gravy and roasted carrots.

Check out my new recipes under My Recipes: open roast beef sandwiches with honey roasted carrots; apple, bourbon BBQ crock pot pulled pork with thyme and garlic roasted red potatoes and broccoli; steak and chicken fajitas and margarita shrimp fajitas with all of the fix-ins (salsa, guacamole, lettuce, cheese); macaroni and cheese with a topping bar (crab meat, bacon, cubed ham and peas).

Check out my salad for this week under Lunch Prepping: a spinach salad. This was a fun mistake this weekend, since it was so good, I decided to make it for the week. Its spinach, egg, bacon, tuna, tomatoes and blue cheese. The dressing was the real fun, I combined guacamole, apple cider vinegar and light ranch dressing. It sounds weird, but was incredible. I needed to try to find a way to use the guacamole I made, I had a lot of it and didn’t want any to go to waste.

Feel free to explore my Yummy Leftovers: nothing different this week, didn’t really have any leftover to have fun with.