About Sue

About Sue

Hi, my name is Suzanne and I want to welcome you to Simple Sassy Kitchen!  A little about me, I am a working mom and am part of a busy household with two kids, a husband and a dog.   It has been a goal of mine to have scrumptious meals that could also be considered healthy.  Sometimes that can be hard with our hectic schedules, but I food prep when I needed to help.  

I have become proud of myself for being able to provide tastefully healthy meals to my family.  This blog is my way of sharing my healthy twist on comfort foods.  My idea of comfort foods are the ones you grew up with, the ones that made you fall in love with food.  My passion is for food that feeds your soul, not just your appetite.  I love that enjoyment you feel when you are eating something delicious.  You know that feeling you get when you bite into something that causes your taste buds to dance?  I want that feeling to come from my cooking, from what I prepared in my kitchen.  Why not enjoy the food we eat? Remember being a kid and enjoying the simple things?   Not anymore it seems.  It seems the older we get, the advice about what we should eat changes. It feels like we must make sure we eat enough of certain types of food: fruits, veggies, dairy, etc. Then when you have what you think is the “right way” to eat, then it changes again. I am done with fad diets and tips, I want to get back to my roots and enjoy my food again!  

So, the challenge becomes eating enough of the right foods, avoiding the wrong foods and try to take care of ourselves and our children.  This can be exhausting just to think about.  Goodbye buttery, creamy macaroni and cheese, hello tofu and kale?  Why can’t we have both? Pasta and cheese are good for you, as they say “all in moderation.” There is a way to eat what you crave and feel right about what you are putting inside your body.

I was already having a hard time balancing healthy, simple cooking for my family.  Then in 2017, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  So again, the rules on what I should eat and not eat changed.  Of course, there is AIP, KETO and Whole 30.  Following these suggestions helped, but what I was cooking didn’t feel like me.  There was something missing, it didn’t have that same spark it used to.  This caused me to do some major reflection on what I was eating and what I was preparing for my family.  I tried my hardest to not overwork myself on meals; however I admit I was preparing one meal for my family and another for myself.  This became exhausting after a while.  Imagine not just prepping the meals we need for the week, but preparing twice as much.  There was major food prepping: breakfast smoothies, lunches, snacks and twice as many dinners.  Literally my whole Sunday was spent on prepping and cooking, it was just too much!  I decided I had to stop. 

This cooking style wasn’t me, it wasn’t fulfilling what I felt I wanted and what my family needed.  There was a compromise that needed to happen, where I was helping my family eat healthy, I wasn’t spending all day prepping and it was food we all enjoyed together.  That’s where my cooking style emerged into what it is today, wanting to go back to my roots with my comfort foods, a desire to enjoy cooking and eating again.  I wanted my kitchen to be my favorite place again, to entice that excitement about food.  It was time to bring back that spark you get when you enjoy what you’re cooking and eating.  I wanted all the perks of eating right: plenty of fruits and veggies, getting enough dairy and protein and not having to cut out the wonderful world of carbs.  Come on now, who doesn’t love eating carbs…even if they don’t agree with us sometimes. 

This blog is a way to share what I have learned and created, recipes that are of the comfort foods we all love prepared in a simple healthy way.  I admit, I am still a fan of real butter, real cream and bacon fat.  Yeah, that’s not looked at as healthy, however in moderation, these things can be used in a health conscious way.  It’s all about balance; it’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain.   It’s that rub that’s created by mixing of butter and fresh herbs, creating a sauce with fresh citrus and white wine, using that little bit of meat fat to help the flavor of the soup, its all of that and more.  So please come and join in my journey, I want to learn from you as much as you may learn from me.   Its time to prepare some simply wonderful, simply healthy and oh so tasty comfort food!