Welcome to Simple Sassy Kitchen

Welcome to another year with Simple Sassy Kitchen. The blog has been updated to make the recipes easier to view. New tabs have been added, so feel free to check them out.

The Lunch tab is still lunch prepping, that seemed to be a favorite for several followers.

The Meats tab contains all meat recipes, whether its by smoker, grill, crock pot or oven.

The Sides tab will include various recipes for veggies, rice, breads or anything else in between.

The Pasta tab includes one of my favorite meals, anything related to pasta. I swear I could live off of pasta alone!

The One Pot tab includes all meals that would be considered one pot, pan or sheet meal.

The Leftovers tab was removed, to help with repetition. Anything scrumptious that is created from leftovers will be posted on the Facebook page.

Feel free to leave me comments, I would love to hear from you!